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[Bazar Pakistan] - CATHERINE Herbal Slimming Weight Loss Tea

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 CATHERINE Herbal Slimming Weight Loss Tea
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Why Herbal Slimming Tea?

Herbal slimming tea is different from all other herbal tea‚ because it has no tea leaves. It consists mainly of plants that helps to speed up the withdrawal of fluid in your body‚ thus does a good tool for losing weight. Most herbal slimming teas are slimming laxative substances which can reduce the mass of the body‚ mainly by water withdrawal‚ and improve digestion. It normalizes the metabolism and cleanses the body. In most people‚ it can also reduce stress and improve sleep. So‚ are herbal slimming teas any good? They are effective as long as you do not drink too much‚ otherwise damage the proper functioning of the digestive system. Take for 3-4 weeks‚ and then give the rest of the stomach for a few months. Drinking herbal tea is actually a good way to keep your body weight.

CATHERINE Herbal Slimming Tea is very popular worldwide and is a widely used‚ herbal slimming product.

CATHERINE Herbal Slimming Tea is a Chinese and Asian traditional formula and although it is a laxative type weight loss product‚ it does not usually cause or induce diarrhea.

CATHERINE Herbal Slimming Tea is a relatively inexpensive slimming product‚ that is very effective for slimming‚ but for the best results‚ we recommend using it in conjunction with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Indication: Mild Laxative Herbal Tea


- Drop one tea bag in a cup of boiled water

- Leave for 10-20 minutes.

- Drink before bed when need.

Ingredients: In each tea bag (3‚000 mg) contains

* Senna pods 500 mg.

* Senna Leaves 1‚500 mg.

* Garcinia 100 mg.

* Flos Chrysanthemi 900 mg.

*** Herbal Infusion TRA CATHERINE Chrysanthemum Flavor is produced from natural herb ***

Net Weight: 96g

Package: 32 tea bags

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