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 Skin Whitening Tablets in Pakistan
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Need the reasonable and faultless appearances of the rich and acclaimed‚ however wouldn’t prefer

to spend a fortune to get those agonizing Glutathione infusions?

Scrumptious bites with Kohjin™ Glutathione‚ alongside other effective cancer prevention

agents like Astaxanthin (from Haematococcus green growth)‚ Acerola (berries rich in vitamin C)

and different sorts of berries gives a simple arrangement! No infusions!

No torment‚ ALL increase.

Not any more chaotic or sticky creams everywhere all over or body.

Works from the back to front for aggregate body brightening as opposed to simply on the surface of your skin.

Actually Derived From Torula Yeast* Fermentation

Glutathione For Fairer and Crystal-Clear Skin

• Pigmentation on cheeks helped!

• Freckles lessened!

• Fairer face and body!

• Dark underarms helped!

• Age spots on hands and arms eradicated!

• Dark skin between thighs helped!

Glutathione is the most intense cell reinforcement found in the body‚ however

regularly its supply decreases because of way of life propensities and maturing.

The viability of different cell reinforcements relies on upon glutathione‚

which helps them work longer and better. That is the reason glutathione is

regularly called "the Master Antioxidant".

Helps skin and decreases pigmentation with 4 particular activities:

1. Obstructs the development of melanin that obscures your skin

2. Helps any melanin that your body makes

3. Stops the synthetic response activated by the sun’s UV beams that causes skin tan

4. Detoxifies the liver to counteract and expel "liver spots"

Complete advantage this item brings include:

• Total face and body brightening

• Lightens skin up to 3 shades!

• Reduces facial pigmentation and uneven skin tone

• Erases age spots on arms and back of hands

• Lessens pigmentation on underarms and inward thighs

Extraordinary advantages for 69 wellbeing concerns:

• Proven in more than 80‚000 experimental studies

• Fights free radicals...

• Detoxifies conceivably unsafe poisons...

• Strengthens body safeguards...

• Fights untimely maturing...

• Protects the liver...

...what’s more‚ much‚ a great deal more!


Xylitol (E967)‚ Maltodextrin (Filter)‚ Kohjin™ L-Glutathione 150mg‚ Mixed

berries organic product powder (Flavoring)‚ Astaxanthin (from Haematococcus green growth powder)

1.5mg‚ Acerola berries (with Vitamin C)‚ Mixed berries natural product flavor (Flavoring)‚

Tricalcium phosphate (E341 (ⅲ))‚ Silicon dioxide (E551)‚ Sucralose (E955)

This item is produced using normal fixings. Shading variety amongst bunches and shading

changes may normally happen after some time and won’t influence its advantages.

Kohjin™ is a trademark element of Kohjin Co.‚ Ltd. Japan

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