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 Vaginal Tightening Tablets
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1. Gel‚ Tighten the vagina

2. Nourish the vagina

3. Clean the vagina and sterilization

4. Ovary care

5‚Stable manufacturer

Chinese Natural Herbal Gel

Contains Various rare medical herbs

pure natural Chinese prescription deep processing technology

Working Principle

Release fiber repairing elements in the vagina‚ directly infiltrate to repairthe elastic fiber of vagina wall‚ detoxification

composition can remove residual inflammatory diseases in the vagina‚ cure the vagina relaxation‚ dryness etc discomfort

cases. Use the gel for some time‚ the elastic fiber will recover‚ then vagina will tighten naturally‚ it can enhance the

pleasure of sex‚ recover the vagina tightness‚ usceptibility and wetness like young lady.

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1. Tighten the vagina

2. Nourish the vagina

3. Clean the vagina and sterilization

4. Eliminate Sediment toxin‚ beautify the skin

5. Ovary care

Who need it?

1. Women who has no feeling and pleasure on sex due to vaginal relaxation

2.Women who has vaginal dryness‚ leucorrhea abnormality‚ peculiar smell and female genital wither

3.Women who suffer from vaginitis‚ cervicitis‚ cervical erosion‚ endometritis etc gynecological diseases that are treated for

long time but fail‚ often relapse

4. Women who often abort artificially‚ vaginal wall collapse‚ vagina lack of elasticity

5. Women who has gynecological diseases‚ facial acne‚acne‚ macular‚ rough skin

6.Women who sit chair for long time‚ lack of physical exercise‚ have poor reproductive organ metabolic function

7. Women who want to change the longterm passive role on sex‚hope to improve the vagina tightness and enjoy more

wonderful sex

8 Women who meet urinary leakage‚ flatus vaginal etc embarrassing questions frequently

9. Middle and aged women who suffering from stress urinary incontinence

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