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6 Second ABS Machine
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6 Second ABS Machine:

6 Second ABS Machine - Ab Muscle Toner - is the perfect tool to quickly get rid of the flab and tone up your tummy.

6 Second ABS will train your abdominal muscles by targeting each abdominal muscle with a specific type of crunch. The result: you quickly get that sexy figure you’ve ever dreamed of. 6 Second Abs will work on all vital stomach muscles (muscles found in the lower half of the torso‚ to the front and sides)‚ giving you a firm‚ trim tummy.

The key abdominal muscles that 6 Second ABS program works on include the rectus abdominal muscle‚ the transverse abdominal muscle‚ internal obliques abdominal muscle and the external obliques abdominal muscles. These muscles not only help you to function but are critical to proper posture and physic.

6 Seconds Abs trains your abdominal muscles with a specific kind of crunch for each muscle:

Your upper abs are shapes with the basic crunch

Your oblique muscles get tuned up with the side crunch or the oblique crunch

Your lower abs get the benefit of the reverse crunch

Your upper abs also get the cross crunch

6 Second ABS is a quality‚ effective tool for exercising abs. And is easy and convenient to use‚ with dramatic results. This product boasts of 15 times better results than other abs trainers. Given its low cost‚ 6 Seconds Abs is the perfect exercise equipment for that trim‚ sexy‚ firm-tummy figure.visit web site:www.bigshop.pk

This abs toner is big value!

It’s made of high impact resin for durability

It’s lightweight and portable‚ meaning you can conveniently tahe it with you

Its comfortable grips ensure you use 6 Second ABS in full comfort

the soft padded base completes the comfort experience

It provides six clicks that will deliver the perfect pace for your exercise.

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