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Ab Coaster
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The Ab Coaster is an exercise machine that can give you the same effects of hanging-leg raises to help you build and tone your abdominal muscles. This device takes abdominal training to a whole new direction by working your abs from the “bottom up” to help limit stress on your back‚ shoulders and neck.

A Better Alternative

One of the most powerful abdominal exercises is the hanging leg raise. This “bottom up” exercise is highly effective for developing great abs‚ but can be very difficult to perform. This exercise requires tremendous upper body and abdominal strength. You must be able to hang from a bar and lift your entire lower body weight with a lower abdominal contraction. Thus‚ making it a very tough and for some an impossible exercise.

The Ab Coaster has been designed to give you the same effects of the hanging-leg raise but without having to hang from a bar and providing a comfortable kneeling position that will give you a great workout but help eliminate strain on your body.

The unique workout of the Ab Coaster will engage your abs from start to finish‚ provide a constant core contraction with every rep and ultimately help you achieve great-looking abs.

How To Use The Ab Coaster

To use the Ab Coaster‚ you hold onto the hand grips‚ rest your shins on the resting pads and then do an upward pulling motion to bring your knees up towards your upper torso which will target your abdominal muscles.

This device will allow you to make different movements in order to work specific parts of your core as well as you can add weight-plates in order to increase the tension and achieve a greater workout.

The Ab Coaster is quite different from other type of ab machines‚ but this design can help improve the efficiency of your ab workouts while at the same time relieving some of the stress typically associated with other ab workouts.

Ab Coaster Cost

Ab Coaster Details

Product Features

All Steel Construction

2" Steel Rails

Ultra Glide Nylon Rollers

Freestyle Seat Movement

Heavy-duty Steel Bearings

Product Includes

The Ab Coaster

Complete Workout System DVD

Exercise Plan

Fast Track Meal Plan

14-Day Express Program

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