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Ab Rocket Twister in Pakistan
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Ab Rocket Twister

It’s Never Too Late… It’s never too late to develop those super six-pack abs or that eye catch­ing bikini body midriff! With the excit­ing new Ab Rocket‚ the dull sit-up rou­tine that never worked becomes easy‚ fun and very effec­tive in sculpt­ing your new mid­sec­tion! Remem­ber the neck strain and pain with your old fash­ioned sit-ups? How about the strug­gle to lift your upper torso to com­plete the exer­cise? The Ab Rock­ete­lim­i­nates the strain of doing sit-ups while giv­ing your abdom­i­nal mus­cles a great workout.

After using the Ab Rocket for just thirty days you will def­i­nitely notice:reduced belly fat

your love han­dles begin­ning to disappear

the appear­ance of ab mus­cle definition

Ab Rocket Body Sculpting

With the AB Rocket‚ just sit‚ lean on the back rest and rock back. Your neck and back are sup­ported while the con­toured back rest pro­vides resis­tance while you press back­wards. Your abs are work­ing against the resis­tance as you go back‚ then the Ab Rocket pro­vides gen­tle assis­tance as you com­plete the dif­fi­cult for­ward move­ment. No more strug­gling to get to an upright sit­ting posi­tion or pulling your head for­ward to help you get there! The cush­ioned rollers on the back rest glide back and forth‚ enhanc­ing the ben­e­fits of your ab work­out with a great back mas­sage. Work­out with the sig­na­ture Ab Rocket Crunch‚ Reverse Crunch and Oblique Crunch to oblit­er­ate your love han­dles and turn your spare tire into rocket hard abs! Ab Rocket is also an Pilates Assis­ter. Why spend thou­sands on expen­sive abdom­i­nal exer­cise equip­ment or gym mem­ber­ships when the Ab Rocket is your answer in one unique exer­cise machine. It’s remark­able design allows it to be folded up for easy stor­age under a bed or in your closet.

The AB ROCKET Sys­tem Includes:

Ab Rocket Machine

3 Dif­fer­ent Resis­tance Cylin­ders from Begin­ner to Advanced

Deli­cious Low Calo­rie Meat Plan

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