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[Bazar Pakistan] - CCNA training in Islamabad (SINA institute )

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CCNA training in Islamabad (SINA institute )
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CCNA Course outline:

1. Building a simple network

2. Ethernet Local Area Networks

3. Exploring the functions of routing

4. Wireless Local Area Networks

5. Wide Area Networks

6. Network environment management

7. Medium-sized switched networks construction

8. Medium-sized routed network construction

9. Single area OSPF implementation

10. EIGRP implementation

11. Access control lists

12. Address space management

13. LAN extension into a WAN


• Using windows applications as network tools

• Observing the TCP three-way handshake

• Observing extended PC network information

• Connecting to remote lab equipment

• Switch startup and initial configuration

• Operating and configuring a Cisco IOS device

• Enhancing security of switch configuration

• Operating and configuring a Cisco device


• Configuring expanded switched networks

• Troubleshooting switched networks

• Implementing OSPF

• Troubleshooting OSPF

• Implementing EIGRP

• Initial router startup

• Initial router configuration

• Enhancing security of initial router configuration

• Using SDN to configure DHCP server function

• Managing remote access sessions

• Connecting to the main office

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