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Chitosan is the food fiber contained in the shells of crustacean‚ such as shrimps and crabs. Chitosan have many functions beneficial for human body‚ and can lower cholesterol‚ prevent arteriosclerosis‚ strengthen liver function‚ prevent heart disease‚ eliminate heavy metals in human body‚ and discharge them from human body.Chitosan has wide field of application‚ and is completely different from common nutritional health products. For human body‚ it has 5 major functions: strengthening immunity‚ inhibiting senescence‚ preventing diseases‚ accelerating the recovery of diseases and regulating the physiologic activities of human body.

Enhancing immunity and preventing various diseases.

Lowering blood pressure‚ removing adverse lipids in blood‚ and preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Improving liver functions.

Improving digestion functions.

Eliminating the adverse effects of harmful heavy metals on health.Edible method:

capsules each time‚ twice a day. Take it along with warm boiled water.

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