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Car Polishing Compound (Cutting Cream)
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Cutting Cream (Compound - New Generation)

1000 gms = Rs.1‚000

250 gms = Rs. 350

100 gms = Rs. 200

150 gms = Rs. 250

Rubbing Compound - Old Generation

150 gms = Rs. 150

100 gms = Rs. 110

o Rejuvenates dull & faded paintwork

o Restores colour and shine

o Removes oxidation‚ light scratches & swirl marks

Product Details

Our best-selling compound. Easy to use and extremely versatile. Removes medium to heavy scratches‚ oxidation and weathering. Diminishing abrasives round to help polish away scratches and swirls.

Unlike most consumer products that simply fill scratches‚ our Cutting Creme actually mechanically removes defects from your car‚ motorcycle or boat’s finish. This process creates a smooth‚ flat and even finish with incredible gloss and shine.

Our Cutting Creme’s advanced formula makes compounding ultra-high solids clear faster and much easier. It’s aggressive enough to remove 1200-grit (or 1500P-grit) sand scratches from soft and cured paint‚ yet the diminishing abrassives round out as you buff to help polish away some of the compounding scratches and swirls that other compounds leave behind.

o Ideal for all automotive‚ marine and gel coats

o Contains NO fillers‚ waxes or silicones

See why body shops have trusted Care Tack 2K Cutting Creme for more than two decades. Order yours today.

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