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[Bazar Pakistan] - Cars on rent in karachi Pakistan

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Cars on rent in karachi Pakistan
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City:  Karachi
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MEHRAN Rs. 1000/day‚ (with/without driver)

ALTO VXR Rs. 1200/day‚ (with/without driver)

ALTO VXR (new) Rs. 1500/day‚ (with/without driver)

CULTUS Rs. 1500/day‚ (with/without driver)

CULTUS (new) Rs. 2000/day‚ (with/without driver)

LIANA Rs. 2000/day‚ (with/without driver)


COURE Rs. 1500/day‚ (with/without driver)

COURE "Automatic" Rs. 1500/day‚ (with/without driver)


Cabrio Convertible Rs. 10000/day‚ (with driver only)


X-Trail Rs. 9000/day‚ (with driver only)


VITZ Rs. 2000/day‚ (with/without driver)

COROLLA GLI (2006-08) Rs. 2500/day‚ (with/without driver)

COROLLA GLI (2009-13 )Rs. 3000/day‚(with/without driver)

COROLLA 2.OD Rs. 2500/day‚ (with/without driver)

PREMIO Rs. 4500/day‚ (with/without driver)

MARK II GRANDE 1999 Rs. 5500/day‚ (with driver only)

MARK II GRANDE 2005 Rs. 6500/day‚ (with driver only)

MARK X 2006 BLACK Rs. 14000/day‚ (with driver only)

CAMRY 2006 SILVER Rs. 14000/day‚ (with driver only)

PRADO 1996/2000 Rs. 10000/day‚ (with driver only)

PRADO 2005 Rs. 16000/day‚ (with driver only)

VIGO Rs. 10000/day‚ (with driver only)

VIGO (Bullet Proof Glasses only) Rs. 10000/day‚ (with driver only)

LEXUS Rs. 15000/day‚ (with driver only)

CYGNUS Rs. 16000/day‚ (with driver only)

GRAND CRUISER Rs. 18000/day‚ (with driver only)

GRAND CRUISER (2008-13)Rs. 30000/day‚ (with driver only)

GRAND CRUISER (Bullet Proof) Rs. 1‚00000/day‚(with driver only)


CITY Rs. 2000/day‚ (with/without driver)

CITY (new) Rs. 3500/day‚ (with/without driver)

CIVIC AXIO Rs. 4000/day‚ (with/without driver)

CIVIC RIBBON Rs. 4500/day‚ (with/without driver)

CIVIC RIBBON (2013) Rs. 7000/day‚ (with driver only)

ACCORD (CL-7) Rs. 6500/day‚ (with driver only)

ACCORD (CL-9) Rs. 7500/day‚ (with driver only)


E-200 Model 1999 Silver Rs. 8000/day‚ (with driver only)

E-200 Model 2005 Dark Blue Rs.16000/day‚ (with driver only)

C-180 Model 2010 Black Rs. 18000/day‚ (with driver only)

C-200 Model 2006 Sky Blue Rs. 14000/day‚ (with driver only)

C-200 Model 2011 Black Rs. 20000/day‚ (with driver only)

S-350 Model 2005 Black Rs. 20000/day‚ (with driver only)

Etc. for rental purpose. HI-ROOF‚ HIACE & COASTERSwith A/C are also available for Pick n Drop‚ Picnic‚ Parties& All Pakistan Tour. Plz. feel free to contact any time withMr. Azeem. Cell # 0321-2098809


The above mentioned rates are valid only for KARACHI. Out of the city rates depend on distance.

Food and accommodation of the driver is the responsibility of the client.

Post By: misbahazeem

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