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A laxative for driving out excessive fat together with the excrement‚ clean body toxins‚ blood cleansing‚ promote healthy skin‚ healthy natural energy‚ increase the flow of energy to body and mind‚ more positive and peace emotion.

• Use for 3-4 months continuously and stop for 1-2 months. In case of failure in getting better‚ take it again.

(Take a rest for body balance).

• Result can be clearly seen after using for about 1-2 weeks continuously. (In case of allergy‚ consult doctor).

• In case that result cannot be seen after using for about 1-2 weeks‚ instructions must be revised to see whether

we strictly follow the instructions above or not.

• Do not use with other medicines. Patient should not consume.

• Consumption of child‚ pregnant women and breastfeeding women is prohibited.

• Herb‚ supplementary food and all kinds of medicine can have side effects after using continuously

for over 3-4 months or misuse.

• Reduce medicine and supplementary food or over extracted food as they can have side effects.

Do not take the medicine with other medicines that have similar effect.

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