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“If You are Healthy and Beautiful‚ You`ll be Wealthy as much as possible”

Ozonizer (Water Purifier‚ Air‚ Fruit & Vegetable Purifier)

Price: Rs.30‚000

A MULTIFUNCTIONAL amazing device which makes your life healthy ...


Properties: The disinfecting power of active oxygen produced in Ozone is 3000 times higher than chlorine. No other chemical on earth is found to be so efficient than active oxygen.

This device is used for the following purposes:

1. Purify Water

2. Decontaminate Food

3. Disinfection for Fruits & Vegetables

4. Refresh Air

5. Sterilize Utensils

6. Skin disease and wound treatment

7. Keeping fresh: eggs‚ meat and Fish

8. Cleansing of Shells and Sea Food

9. Washing the Clothes

10. Refrigerator

11. Treatment of crusted rice

12. Keeping the rice or Soybean

13. Cleansing of Shells and Sea Food

14. Disinfection for daily and baby necessities

15. Cleansing oral cavity

16. Personal Hygiene

17. Prevent VD and gynopathy

18. Pet cleaning and disinfection

19. Indoor Disinfection

20. Flora cultivation and Fish feeding

21. Testaceous Seafood

22. Rice Washing

23. Reduces fungus infections

24. Eliminates stress

25. Improves swelling

26. Helpful for diabetic wounds

27. Reduces weight

28. For face beautification

29. Improves digestion

30. Improves sleep

To buy this Multifunction amazing purifier call/sms on the given number of

Available at discount rate‚ if someone want to get membership of International Healthcare Industry.

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