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Fit and Slim Slender Shaper
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Fit and Slim Slender Shaper


Slender Shaper is a simple‚ fast and effective massaging exercise belt utilizing a unique‚ invigorating‚ dual oscillating system targeting the parts of the body that you wish to tone and sculpt. It combines tapping‚ oscillating and vibrating programs that relieves muscle tension.

Just wear Slender Shaper around your abs‚ buns‚ thighs‚ shoulders‚ calves or underarms and it does all the work for you without having to go to the gym. All you do is put on the Slender Shaper‚ select the program and just relax. Slender Shaper goes to work immediately and quickly by helping tone and strengthen your abs‚ firm up your buns and give your legs a slender look. It will help give you a complete body make over that is sure to turn heads.

The Good

The Slender Shaper is‚ in essence‚ a strong massager. Massage can have multiple health benefits mainly that it can cause you to have an increased feeling of relaxation. Stress can be harmful to your heard and can even cause you to have elevated blood pressure so having a relaxation technique is medically suggested for everyone.

The Bad

This product simply cannot give you the results that it claims. Muscles are built and strengthened through exercise because you are basically tearing the muscle down and it increases as it repairs itself. The amount of an electrical current needed to facilitate this reaction would be extremely painful and unsafe to administer.

The Skinny

We understand the appeal of a product like Slender Shaper but the fact is that is just can’t help you. If you want to have a leaner and more toned physique exercise is your best bet. This product sells for $119.80 and‚ though we aren’t in the business of examining personal massagers‚ we are pretty sure you can find one for a much more reasonable price if you need to relieve some tension after a hard day at work. We do not recommend the Slender Shaper.

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