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Giddar Singhi
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What is Giddar/Siyar Singhi ?

Giddar/Siyar Singhi is basically a rare Indian Product Used by (Hindu) ancestor’s in Pooja for their religious and spiritual activities from decades‚ Its is a powerful Talisman‚ Most of You heard of People saying to each other’s that “:Konsi Giddar Singhi haiTere Paas” “Konsi Giddar Singhi Soongha di haitu nay” These are not Myths‚ In fact it is Real and are the benefits of Giddar/ Siyar Singhi. It is found in white and in black but black Siyarsinghi / Giddarsinghi is very rare and found 1 in 1000 and have great powers as compared to white Siyar singhi / Giddar singhi.

Giddar Singhi is Basically a parasite that lives in the body of its host Jackal (Giddar) and sucks Blood for its survival ‚ Just like Lice (JUUNH) in our Heads ‚ This Parasite (Giddar Singhi) is found in Giddar’s Head and attached to Giddar’s Head with Strings of Hairs ‚ Thses strings sucks Blood of Jackal (Giddar) and increases its Size ‚ When it is Grown Fully and becomes Heavy then the hair strings breaks and it fells on ground and picked up ‚ This is called Giddar Singhi. . It may be of small‚ medium and big sizes.

Qualities of Real and Genuine Giddar Singhi

There are key Qualities of a Real and Original Giddar Singhi through which one can finds out the difference between A Real and A Fake and Dead Giddar Singhi

1. As Giddar Singhi is a part of Jackal’s (Giddar’s) Body ‚ The hair of Giddar Singhi will be just like the Hair of Jackal (Giddar) which are Soft and silky and sometimes bit hard in different Species of jackal.

2. The name Giddar SINGHI shows that there is a (Horn)Seengh in it‚ That Seengh (Horn) is Visible to naked eye.

3. There will be Strings of Hair through which Giddar Singhi was attached to Jackal’s (Giddar’s) Forehead.

4. The Size of Hair Strings will be above 3 centimeter.

5. It is always raised when the person is in (PAK) Status (GhussalKiyahuwa ho‚ Janabatkihalatmeinna ho) ‚ Means when the Giddar Singhi is being handeled with Dirty hands and in NAPAK ‚ JANABAT situation or by the female which is going through periods (HAIZ) then the Giddar singhi will become Dead in 5 Days to its incident and the hairs of Giddar Singhi will become Very Hard just like the Coconut Hair and When This signs show ‚ The Giddar Singhi is Dead and is of no use then.

Benefits and uses

A GiddarSinghi / Siyar Singhiis not something that one can get easily. Its very rare. Keeping Siyar Singhi in the house grants the person immense wealth‚ victory over enemy‚ sucess in law suits etc. It protects from Black Magic and evil eye.

It is also used to seduce your loved ones who didn’t love you and you die for them ‚ simply put some dust of the person male or female or Hair of the person which you want to be yours forever and them simply see the magic in 13 days.

To keep Giddar/Siyar Singhi in the house‚ bestow on the person immense wealth. Victory over enemy‚ Success in law suits etc. It protects from Black Magic and evil eye. It is always kept in vermillion (Sindoor)‚ and its hair grows automatically.

If one keeps a Siyar Singhi in the house‚ one is blessed with wealth‚ one remains fearless of beasts‚ Ghosts and it provides protection‚ from enemies and evil spirits and gives success in law suits. Siyar/Giddar Singhi shall be kept in vermillon (sindhoor) in Ghar or locker/almirah. It is a tested product which enables a person to accomplish all his or her goals.

Regarding use of siyarsinghi ‚have it‚ put in your hand and say i own you my name is so and so you have to obey me and then put this in silver box along with 3 cloves and 2 cardamons and red oxide (sandoor) keep it in your custody.when ever you need to have or obey or agree some one with you‚ keep this along you at that time in your pocket.

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