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Mag Funnel converts your drinking water into magnetic live water‚ which is biologically active‚ Lighter‚ Healthier and free from Chlorine and harmful gasses. When water runs through the magnetic funnel‚ it gets a finer and more uniform structure that significantly enhance the fluidity and dissolving ability of the water which improves your overall health and given you energetic feeling and younger look‚ having

No Adverse Effects at all!

>Mag Funnel addresses the common health problem such as:

•Heart Problem – normalizes disorders of the Cardio – vascular system

•Regulates Nervous & Urinary system


•Blood Pressure

•Strengthens the functionality of RBC

•Improves Digestion & Blood Circulation

•Decreases Cholesterol level in the blood

•Stimulates brain activity


•High Uric Acid & Calcium Deposits

•Cures Kidney problems

•Reduces wrinkles

•Remove Toxins – expels unwanted salts from body

•Reduces the pain of arthritis


All you have to do is to simply pass your drinking water through Mag Funnel and instantly get magnetized‚ biologically active water.

Contact person:Mr. Israr siddique

E-mail Address:

israr at magtech.com.pk

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