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Metaslim India Oil in Pakistan - Metaslim Oil in Pakistan

Metaslim in Pakistan - Metaslim Oil For Weight Loss

Buy Original MetaSlim Indian Oil & Powder For Weight Loss Available Now Online Order In Pakistan. By using MetaSlim regularly the excess of fat/weight can be reduced and the body can gain the desired shape.

Metaslim is purely a herbal fat loss & slimming formula. The Metaslim Slimming Powder when consumed with the lukewarm water melts.

There are no special prerequisites for taking this medicine‚ for maximum results however‚ take simple and easily digestible food. Avoid fried foods and try to exercise regularly

How does MetaSlim work?

1. Regular use of MetaSlim breaks down and melts the fat accumulated in your body rapidly.

2. MetaSlim will suppress the untimely and extra appetite and will regulate the digestive system‚ turning food into energy and not into fat.

3. With the special components used in it‚ the body looses the tendency to make fat and will result in controlling obesity problem.

Most Effective On:-



Gastric problems.


Stomach Ache.

High Blood Pressure etc.


Each 100 grams of weight control powder contain: Trifla (40.0 gms.)‚ Vaividang (15.0 gms.)‚ Nagarmotha (22.0 gms.)‚ Ajwain (7.0 gms.)‚ Arjuna (7.0 gms.)‚ Pipali (7.0 gms.)‚ Sendhav (2.0 gms.)‚ Chappad (10.0 gms.)‚ Erand Tail Q.S.

Each 100 mL of massage oil contain: Atis 0.06%‚ Murva 0.04%‚ Nisoth 0.02%‚ Vasa 0.03%‚ Amaltas 0.05%‚ Bach 0.05%‚ Haldi 0.05%‚ Daru Haldi 0.05%‚ Giloy 0.05%‚ Amla 0.03%‚ Harad 0.03%‚ Bahera

0.03%‚ Salparni 0.07%‚ Pipali 0.07%‚ Pipali 0.07%‚ Tulsi 0.03%‚ Sounth 0.03%‚ Kali Mirch 0.05%‚ Dalchini 0.03%‚ Elaichi 0.02%‚ Sarso Tail 3.5%‚ Baes Q.S.

Metaslim Price In Pakistan - Metaslim Oil Price In Pakistan

Price:- 2949 /-PKR

Cash on Delivery All Over Pakistan

Call & SmS this Number

03168086016 ‚ 03007986016 ‚ 03331619220

Whatsapp Number 03007986016

Visit Now: http://www.shoppakistan.pk/buy-product-Metaslim-India-Oil-in-Pakistan.html

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