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Multifunction Swat Flashlight
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"Swat Flashlight Multifunction Tools with the power of 600 watts can highlight remotely. Swat Multifunction Tools no ordinary flashlight‚ also called the police flashlight‚ multifunctional flashlight is very easy to use‚ highly power-efficient‚ and very bright. Gak need to frequently replace deh Battre flashlight as it comes with a car charger‚ charger pln‚ battery recharge. Well wait no longer have immediate Swat Flashlight Multifunction Tools mumpung again promoted in Indogroupon‚ only $ 125‚000. Hurry! Do not get out. "

Offer Details: This is a Package Deal Express Indogroupon. Swat Flashlight Multifunction Tools sold at Rp 125‚000 Swat Flashlight Multifunction Tools for sale s / d on 25 April 2013 at 23.59 Swat Flashlight Multifunction Tools will be sent to all over Indonesia with postage per item according to the shipping zone. Mobile number will be known to the seller after the purchase is made. Swat Flashlight Multifunction Tools will be delivered one day after ordering‚ at least 1 week’ve got your place.

Special Conditions:

Want to know more?

Swat Multifunction Tools Suitable for outdoor activities (bike‚ hiking‚ hunting‚ touring‚ etc.) or emergencies in the car.

There are 3 modes

- Light

- Dim

- Emergency (Watertight-blink)

Package consists of

- Rechargeble Battre

- Electric Recharge

- Recharge Cars

- Flashlight Police

- Tubes orange sign

- Dispossible Battery containers

Multifunctional flashlight is very easy to use‚ highly power-efficient‚ and very bright white light LED light power up to 600 watts.

Can be used as a regular flashlight and stick by adding orange traffic that it can be used as a flashlight traffic / emergency flashlight. You just need to rotate the flashlight head to adjust the light dimness of light-and large-size zoom. This flashlight has three modes‚ namely light‚ less light (energy saving) and blinking lights that can be used as an emergency light / alarm. Led Flashlight flashlight is also called the police consisted of a flashlight‚ 2 batteries charger (charger and car charger used)‚ a lithium and a rod 18 650 traffic (traffic can be as a flashlight or emergency) in one package / box exclusive.

Product Specifications

- Lenght: 15.5cm

- Materials: aluminum alloy

- Weight (without battery): 120gram

- Weight (with battery): 160gram

- Diameters: 3.3cm

- Total weight (includes box): 450gram

- Waterproof

- Including 2 adapters: AC adapter and 12V DC car adapter

- 3 modes: bright‚ less bright‚ strobe / blink

- Adjust the zoom light by head rotation

- Use 3.7 V battery

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