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Online shopping cart for eye glasses
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Online buy glasses System is the Simple shopping Solution. It’s a full-featured website and shopping cart system. The basic concept of the website is to allow the customer to buy glasses virtually using the Internet and allow customers to buy the glasses from the website. The information pertaining

to the products are stores on an RDBMS at the server side (store).


1. Secure information.

2. Browsing with out any process to see the items.

3. Creating a Shopping cart so that customer can Shop 4 items.

4. Customers should be able to mail the Shop about the items they would like to see in the website.

Brief overview of the technology

Front end: HTML‚ CSS‚ JavaScript

1. HTML: HTML is used to create and save web document. E.g. Notepad/Notepad++

2. CSS : (Cascading Style Sheets) Create attractive Layout

3. JavaScript: it is a programming language‚ commonly use with web browsers.

Back end: PHP‚ MySQL

1. PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is a technology that allows software developers to create

dynamically generated web pages‚ in HTML or other document types‚ as per client request. PHP is open source software.

2. MySQL: MySql is a database‚ widely used for accessing querying‚ updating‚ and managing data in databases.

Software Requirement

• XAMPP Server

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