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Organic Bucwkheat Flour (Naturally Gluten Free)
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uckwheat Flour (Pure Gluten Free)‚ The Product of Beautiful Baltistan...

Buckwheat is cultivated in mountaneous region of Pakistan particularly in Gilgit-Baltistan (Skardu)‚ it has immense nutritional and medicinal values. According to its nutritional facts/characteristics it can be used for the following diseases/disorders: (Research facts: PCSIR Skardu)

1. Buckwheat is Naturally Gluten Free therefore it is best for Celiec Patients (Gluten Allergic/ Wheat Allergic)

2. Best for Patients of Indigestion

3. Buckwheat contains Iron (Fe) 20.3 mg/100 gram so it is best for people suffering from Anemia.

4. Buckwheat contains both Zinc (Zn) and Iron (Fe)‚ these are collectively known as Immunonutrients so it strengthens Immune System which eventually increases fighting ability of the body against minute disorders.

5. Buckwheat contains Selenium (25.97mg/100gram). Selenium having anti-diabetic character‚ best for people suffering with/from diabetes.

6. Rutin strengthen Capillary Walls

The above facts claims that Buckwheat may be used for Celiec‚ Indigestions‚ Wheat Allergic‚ Gluten Allergic‚ Anemia‚ Diabetes patients and also to strengthen immune system.

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