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We are Experience parrot breeders of high quality breeds since 1976 and have available the following parrot

Parrot species for sale

Hyacinth macaw‚

Blue and Gold macaw‚

Green wing macaw‚

Military Macaw‚

Scarlet Macaw‚

Umbrella cockatoo‚

Pink Cockatoo‚

Moulucun cockatoo‚

Goffin cockatoo‚

Galah Cockatoo‚

Sulpher Crested cockatoo‚

Black Palm cockatoo‚

Blue Fronted Amazon‚

Yellow Nape Amazon‚

Lilac Amazon‚

Blue Crown Amazon‚

Double Yellow Head amazon‚

Electus redsided‚

Vosmaeri Electus‚

Congo African Grey‚

Timneh African Grey‚

Sun Conure ‚

Also avilable are Breeding pairs and Fertile parrot Eggs for sale‚all our parrots are hand raise‚ tame and well socialized‚

vet tested and comes with up to date health records. We sell both national and international and we are international license to deliver

our parrots any where‚ we offer special prices to whole sale buyers and retaillers‚ we have rental and for sale incubators of various sizes

for shipment of parrot eggs.For more information ‚ contact Email: kerrybell22@gmail.com

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