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Pango Backrest Massager
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Detailed Product Description

backrest massager

Four massage modes‚to relieve and relax fatigued back ‚lumbar‚ neck muscles.

Cigarette lighter is supplied.

FM-9504D Micro-computerized Backrest Massager


Massage is a very antiquated physiotherapy . It can effectively relieve the stress and tension and ease the heat and the body . FM-9504D micro-computerized Backrest massager is a combination of traditional Chinese massage and modern techniques . It simulates the most commonly used massage methods like beating and knotting to evenly beat and knot the nerve points of waists and legs to stimulate the blood circulation‚ which alleviate waist pains and pains because of menstruation . It can also subside the cure for waist and muscle fatigue because of long time of office work . You can enjoy the comfort and relaxation just like real feast beating of human being .It’s a practical and imperative healthy product for modern urbanite .


1. With car cigarette lighter is supplied for using in car .

2.Designed by human engineering ‚ with advanced soft PU material ‚ four massage modes are available: Kneading ‚Tapping ‚Shiatsu ‚Rolling .

3.To relieve lumbar discomfort and backaches .

4. It has assistant cure effect upon chronic strain of lumbar muscles.

5.To alleviate pains caused by menstruation .

6. To relieve and relax fatigued back ‚ lumbar and neck muscles after long time of office work .

7. Convenient to use at home and office with an reliable secure adaptor ( CE ‚UL) .

8.Multi –zones of human body massage is available .

9.Cigarette lighter is supplied for using in car .

11.DC 12V power supply ‚safe and reliable .

Technical target

5 vibrating balls .

Input Voltage :12V .

Power : 20W .

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