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Parrot Birds for Sale in Waza Center
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We have pairs and DNA sexed male/females of many species that we breed and raise. We offer all of our babies through the chicks by the time they are 4weeks olds within which deposits can be made until the chicks ordered get weaned. We have a network of other breeders that we work with. Species that we breed include:

Hyacinth Macaws

Camelot Macaws

Illigers Macaw

African Greys (Congo and Timneh)

Goffins Cockatoos

Senegal Parrots

Eclectus (SI and Vos)

Greenwing macaws

Scarlet macaws

Many of our pairs are seasonal and breed and different times of the year. Due to the variety of species‚ we have babies available year round. We limit the number of clutches each pair produces each year to ensure optimal health of the parents and chicks. Our pairs are all fed with Pellets‚ occasional seed (Higgins Sunburst mixes)‚ our cooked mixes‚ and fresh food. We occasionally have breeder pairs and singles available for sale‚ please contact us directly to inquire as to availability

Waza Exotic Birds Wildlife Aviary Center (WEBWAC)

Telephone : +237 79993865

Fax : + 237 22754217

E-mail : [email protected]

Skype ID : wazacenter

Website site : http://wazaexoticbirdswildlifeaviarycenter.webs.com/

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