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Qualified Home Tutors for all kinds of subjects.
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We provide tutors for home as well as online tuition through internet‚ making it really convenient for students and teachers. Students can find tutors for private tutoring and help with assignments online. We are dedicated to provide only the best home tutors available in the field of education. Our tutors covers all areas of Karachi. Our home tutor will approach you at your residence and offer the student one FREE demo class‚ after which the student will decide to continue the class or change the teacher. We let the students and parents decide the best for their children. Our tutors charge reasonable amount‚ varies from tutor’s experience and qualification and the time required to prepare the student. Currently we are providing well qualified and well versed private home tutors for all subjects‚ and for following:


Accounting‚ Arabic‚ Art‚ Biology‚ Business studies‚ Physics‚ Mathematics‚ Economics‚ Micro Eco‚ Statistics‚ Business Studies‚ Urdu Language‚ Islamic studies‚ Islamiat‚ Inter Commerce‚ ICOM‚ Inter Pre-engineering‚ Inter medical‚ BSC‚ CA‚ CAT‚ BPA‚ BBA‚ O Level Math‚ A level Chemistry‚ Science‚ History‚ Geography‚ Chemistry‚ Child care‚ Computer science‚ Computing‚ Cookery‚ Crafts‚ Creative writing‚ Economics‚ Engineering‚ English as a second language‚ English language & literature‚ Entrance level education‚ Environmental studies‚ Film studies‚ Finance‚ French‚ Geography‚ Graphic design‚ History‚ Humanities‚ Social sciences‚ Languages‚ Law‚ Mathematics-applied/ pure‚ statistcs‚ Media studies‚ Music‚ Philosophy‚ Photography‚ Physics‚ Physiotherapy‚ Politics/Government‚ Portuguese‚ Psycology‚ Reading & writing skills‚ Religious studies‚ Science‚ Singing/Vocal trainings‚ Sociology‚ Website design‚ Digital Art‚ Intermediate‚ FIA‚ ACCA‚ CA‚ BCOM‚ BBA‚ BA‚ O level‚ A level‚ Masters‚ MBA‚ MCOM‚ SAT I & II‚ IGCSE‚ GRE‚ Mathematics‚ Admath.

SAT ( Scholastic Assesment Test)

PSAT (Pre-Scholastic Assesment Test)

ACT/GRE (American College Test/Graduate Record Exam)

SAT II (Advanced Version of SAT)

SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test)

ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam)

AP (Advanced Placement)

IB (International Baccalaureate)

GED (General Education Diploma)

ASVAB (Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery)

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