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Quick Chop
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Quick Chop:

Product Description for Forget Slap Chop. Now Gourmet Quick Chop + 4 Bonuses Promo. Must Have!

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Forget Slap Chop. Now Gourmet Quick Chop + 4 Bonuses Promo. Must Have!



Gourmet Quick Chop + 4 Bonuses Promo!

Item Description :

Brand New in Original Packaging

The Quick Chop is the fast‚ easy way to chop‚ mince slice and dice with just a tap. Quick Chop is faster than a knife and easier than a processor. When you’re done‚ just run it under the tap.

The Quick Chop will cut your kitchen time in half !

Place your favorite vegetables under the Quick Chop‚ give it a tap and you can have finely shredded cabbage for cole slaw. Tap again and instantly chop celery and carrots for a tasty stir-fry. One tap easily cuts potatoes for home fries.

Everybody knows garlic can be a pain to chop‚ but not anymore. With Quick Chop you can even leave the peel on. Just give it a tap‚ remove the peel and you’re left with fresh garlic‚ peeled‚ chopped and ready to use.

White plastic and clear acrylic with 6 carbon steel blades

3 3/4" Diameter x 9" H

Blades rotate as they retract

Use on cutting board or on enclosed base

Disassemble for easy cleaning

Features & Benefits :

When you tap on the Quick Chop‚ six carbon steel blades slice your food perfectly. As they retract‚ they rotate so the next time you tap down the blades chop in a completely different area. Place an onion in the Quick Chop‚ tap twice and you have onions perfect for burgers. Tap again and you have diced onions for soups or stews. Tap again and enjoy finely minced onions. And all without tears!

Quick Chop - Dice‚ Chop & Mince in seconds

You never need to switch blades

Chop up vegetables‚ nuts‚ & fruits‚ quickly and easily

With every slap‚ the finer the food gets

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Quick Chop easily pops open like a butterfly for easy access while cleaning!

Quick Chop is going to be your favorite cooking accessory!

With Three blades‚ it can chop and create delicious foods - with just a slap

Quick Chop is great for ice cream toppings or salads because you get perfect cubes that are the perfect size

The Quick Chop is also great for onions and garlic so your fingers don’t smell. since the skin can easily be removed from the garlic and onion with a couple of slaps

video above is for demo only. The free gifts from us are stated below

" It’s faster than a knife and less complicated than a processor‚ not to mention very much cheaper."

Ideal For :

Perfect to use for working people ‚ people who want to learn cook quickly ‚ making quick sandwiches in your home or office.

Package Contents :

Gourmet Quick Chop Main Unit x 1


Quick Chop Egg Separator x 1 Unit

Quick Chop Grater x 1 Unit

Quick Chop Gripper x 1 Unit

Quick Chop Juicer x 1 Unit

Comes in individual blister packing set factory sealed as seen in image below

Front view of packaging

Back view of packaging

size including packaging = 28cm length x 31cm height

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