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The R.O.Tack water Difference

All Water is Different.

Why should your Water Treatment Solution be Prepackaged.

We know that a precise solution for your water treatment needs is the most effective.

We custom design each solution to fit your needs.

You get exactly what you need‚ nothing more and certainly nothing less.

R.O.Tack water Solutions‚ believe that the success of an organization is based on the foundation of outstanding quality‚ excellent customer service and innovation. We have focused our expertise on the Designing ‚ Engineering of fresh water / waste water treatment plants along with the air pollution control system to provide entire environmental pollution equipment under one roof. We are manufactures of RO plants‚ desalination‚ UF‚ MF plants and many more specialized plants for industries. We produce containerized and truck mounted drinking and waste water treatment plant of world class standard.

Our exhaustive range of treatment plants encompasses mineral water plant‚ RO plant‚ softening plant‚ DM plant‚ swimming pool filtration system‚ SDWFA‚ CDWFA‚ boiler feed water plant‚ DI plant‚ desalination plant‚ bottling plant and many more in line to meet your demand.

Our Aim to attain 100% work and customer satisfaction through our quality and services.

Our Product Line

For the benefit of our clients‚ we are constantly developing new techniques and strategies that suit your requirements. Our customized products such as Water Filtration plant‚ wheel based canopy mounted RO plant effectively cater to varied industrial and domestic applications. We have incorporated several world-class and widely acclaimed equipment/ instruments in your products for better performance. An appropriate selection of the construction material is vital to any sophisticated system. We therefore take utmost care in selecting of proper material for the construction of each component at "R.O.Tack water Solutions" Desalination R.O. system.

Over the years‚ "R.O.Tack water Solutions" has strived relentlessly to upgrade its technological standards and this thrust has given the team a wide exposure to the most sophisticated instruments/equipment.

The water naturally contains dissolved and un-dissolved impurities. Un-dissolved impurities of water and precipitate sludge can be removed by some basic & highly popular filtration techniques. We offer various types of water & waste treatment plants for various applications.

R.O.Tack water Solutions filters are made from mild still/FRP/GRP/SS closed vessel and are operated under pressure. The water is passed through the filter from top to bottom‚ where all the unwanted impurities are left behind at the filter bed. Back flushing very easily cleans the filter bed‚ thus reverse flow of water flushes away the impurities deposited at filter bed.

Industrial water treatment plant

R.O.Tack water Solutions filters are made from mild still/FRP closed vessel and are operated under pressure. Enlisted are some of our various type of R.O.Tack water Solutions filter systems:

Sand filter‚ for removal of suspended solids up to minimum level.

Multi Graded filter‚ for high velocity flow rates of reduced area of filtration‚ in depth filtration.

Activated carbon filter‚ for removal of free chlorine‚ phenol‚ taste and odor.

Gravity Filter‚ for housing & hotels and municipal water supply.

Swimming pool filter plant operated at high flow velocity for recirculation loops.

Cartridge Filter Up stream of RO plants‚ fine sterile and final filters in treatment of water

UF filtration to produce mineral water product and pretreatment for RO system.

Micron filtration system

Whole House Water System

Dialysis Water System

Pharmaceuticals Water System

Mineral Water Plants

Sea water desalination plant

Boiler feed water plants

Water Softener

R.O.Tack water Solutions Water softener is used primarily to produce Zero soft water by highly acidic cation exchanger‚ which removes calcium and magnesium ions. R.O.Tack water Solutions series softeners are designed for longer operating cycles‚ low regeneration cost. The systems incorporate the proven technique of counter and co-counter currant regeneration flow rate to economically to suit the demand of soft water for medium scale industries and commercial use.

Water Demineralisers

R.O.Tack water Solutions Demineraliser’s design is based on the latest coast effective ion exchange technique of counter current regeneration. These demineralisers consist of acid/alkali proof pressure vessel with internal fittings and initial charge of cation and anion exchanger‚ set of regeneration equipment‚ hydraulic ejectors‚ acid and alkali tanks and conductivity meter to monitor treated water quality.

Reverse Osmosis System / R. O. Plant

Reverse osmosis has emerged as a serious alternative to chemical treatment systems due to a number of reasons. The minimal use of chemicals makes it environmentally desirable. Reverse osmosis is a simple process and the operational and maintenance costs are lower. They can be found in varied systems that are fitted in servicing restaurants‚ car washes‚ bottled water & beverage plant‚ hotel/motel drinking water installations‚ greenhouses‚ ice manufacturing plants and medical & scientific laboratories‚ electronics and pharmaceuticals industries and boiler & cooling water application.

Mineral Water System / Bottled Water Plant

"Membrane Technology " incorporates ozone technology based disinfection system that offers the opportunity to provide you and your family a high quality‚ hygienically pure and abundant supply of fresh and clear water. This technology is most commonly referred to as "Desalination" by Reverse Osmosis. This is a process in which water is forced through the semi permeable membrane with a pore size of 0.0001 micron. The small size ensures that all undissolved impurities like dirt‚ dust‚ bacteria‚ viruses and also the dissolved impurities like chloride‚ fluoride‚ lead‚ pesticides‚ sodium chloride and various other dissolved ions that lead to a bad taste‚ color and odor in your drinking water are effectively removed. These systems are mostly fitted in servicing restaurants‚ car washes‚ bottled water & beverage plant‚ hotel/motel drinking water installations‚ greenhouses‚ ice manufacturing plants and medical & scientific laboratories‚ electronics and pharmaceuticals industries and boiler & cooling water application.

Waste Water Treatment Systems

As water is a valuable resource for the industry and its availability is crucial to the existence‚ we offer state-of-the-art technology for waste water treatment plants. The cost of raw or fresh water for industries have increased by many fold in the last few years‚ while at the same time the quality of water is deteriorating simultaneously. We strictly conform with the international pollution control norms as well as CPCV norms and follow strict criterion for biological treatment selection.

Swimming Pool Filtration Systems

We have developed our core competence in swimming pool filtration systems. Disinfection is the most important factor in maintaining a safe pool. Chlorine is amongst the widely used disinfecting agents for the swimming pool water. It not only destroys harmful microorganisms such as bacteria‚ algae‚ fungi‚ viruses but it also effectively removes the impurities left over even after filtration.

Contract Maintenance

We offer monthly‚ quarterly‚ bi-annual‚ and annual system/plant inspections with complete logging of critical operating parameters‚ all provided in a clear and concise report.

RO Membrane Cleaning

We offer cleaning services for customers with 2.5" x 40" 4"x40" through 8" x 40" Thin Film and Acetate membrane products. We inspect‚ test and log the performance of each membrane before and after the cleaning process.

Ion-Exchange Resin Cleaning

We offer a safe‚ timely‚ and effective method of cleaning fouled or contaminated ion exchange resins is available to you. By using our resin cleaning chemicals

& services‚ you are able to achieve the maximum degree of cleaning and performance restoration with a minimum of involvement from your operating personnel.

Replacement Cartridges Delivery

We offer regularly scheduled deliveries of high quality‚ Chemicals & replacement cartridges commercial/industrial/domestic customers.

Our Services

R.O.Tack water Solution’s motto is working closely with the customer right from an apt conception. We extend various services and support capabilities to assist our customers better. These include unbiased application assistance based on expertise in filtration‚ ion exchange and membrane separations technologies. We offer complete range of solutions in the field of water treatment.

Following services are available at our works

Well equipped fabrication shop and team of experienced engineers‚ fitters‚ welders‚ electrician & technicians to repair any equipment‚ pumps‚ electrical & instruments of the system.

Considerable inventory is stocked for almost all related equipments‚ components‚ spares and parts‚ available in emergency situation.

Senior level engineers in all disciplines and experienced field staff is available anytime to solve any problem and for effective troubleshooting.

We take operation and maintenance contract if required which comprises of fixed periodic visits by our service team to service and carry out replacement (Spares to be maintained by client of R.O. System and guide on operations).

Our Facilities

Our production unit is well equipped which with state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated machines. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who have a vast experience in their sphere of operations. The infrastructure also houses a fabrication shop with all the necessary and latest tools. Our proficient team also includes pool of experienced fitters‚ welders‚ electrician & technicians to repair any equipment‚ pumps‚ electrical & instruments of the system. Considerable inventory is stocked for almost all related equipments‚ components‚ spares and parts‚ available in emergency situation. Senior level engineers in all discipline and experienced field staff are available at any time to solve any problem and for effective troubleshooting. We are constantly striving to come out with new innovations to provide you with better quality products.

Our Patrons

We are a trusted name in our sphere of operations. We are well appreciated by our high profile clients for offering premium quality products. The overwhelming response of our clients has encouraged us to elevate our standard of excellence.


Quality is paramount for us and we rigorously check the products at each and every stage of manufacturing. We have set our focus on future requirements of the industry‚ while successfully meeting the present demands. Today‚ our products are known for durability‚ quality and dependability. At R.O.Tack water Solutions‚ research and development is a continuous ongoing process‚ so that we can offer our clients the best value for their money.


We nurture a team of highly qualified engineers and other professionals who have developed their expertise in designing‚ installation‚ commissioning‚ and after sales services of our high end technological water treatment systems. We have site experts who can handle the water and wastewater treatment problems. A separate project team is formed who are responsible for the project right from the planning till the commissioning of the project. They also ensure in time execution of the project with the following role on hand. We ensure to offer our team various career development and training opportunities yielding better results.




























Kettle Farms


Water Jet









Swimming Pools

Whole House

Community Water

Ice Manufacture

Car Wash Rinse


Textile and Dyeing

Metal Finishing





Potable Water


Cooling Tower



Bottle Water




Edible Products


And More

Our Wide Range of Water Treatment Equipment‚ Industrial Water Purifiers & Similar Products.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Tap Water Reverse Osmosis‚ Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis‚ Seawater Reverse Osmosis‚ Highly Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis‚ Industrial Reverse Osmosis‚ Commercial Reverse Osmosis.

Water Filters

Commercial Water Filters‚ Industrial Water Filters‚ FRP Tank Water Filter‚ Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks Water Filter‚ Stainless Steel Tank Water Filter‚ Multi Media Filters‚ Dual Media Filter‚ Multi Cartridge Filters

Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Industrial UV Sterilizer‚ Commercial UV Sterilizer‚ Stainless Steel UV Sterilizer‚ Disinfection UV System

Water Softeners

Automatic Water Softener‚ Twin Water Softener‚ Duplex Water Softener‚ FRP Tank Water Softener


Continuous Deionization‚ Two Column Deionizer‚Three Column Deionizer‚ Mixed Bed Deionizer‚ Industrial DI‚ Commercial DI


Ozone Generators‚ Ozone Generation Systems for Commercial‚ Residential and Industrial Water Treatment Applications

RO Chemicals

Complete Range of RO Chemicals‚ Antiscalant‚ Silica Antifoulant‚ Powder & Liquid Cleaners

Chemical Dosing

Chemical Dosing System‚ Chemical Feed Unit‚ Chemical Metering Pumps‚ Chemical Tanks‚ Chlorine Dosing Pumps

Other Products


Range of Dow / Filmtec Membranes‚ Hydranautics Membranes‚ Koch / Fluid Systems Membranes‚ Toray Membrane

Filters / Housings

Range of Filter Housings and Cartridges‚ Slim Housing‚ Big Blue Style Housing‚ Carbon Cartridges‚ Sediment Cartridge


Great skill is needed to guide and control a water well drill as it penetrates sand‚ gravel‚ clay and solid rock formations deep underground. There are often several rock layers in a single well; each may need different drilling pressures. Once water is encountered‚ the driller will need to keep a close watch on the drilling process


Range of Instruments from Hanna Instruments‚ GF Signet‚ Kings‚ AMI Meters‚ Danfoss Pressure Switches‚ Pressure Switches‚ Ashcroft‚ Wika‚ True Teller Pressure Gauges

Pressure Vessels

Different Models and Sizes of RO Pressure Vessels‚ Codeline Pressure Vessels‚ Komatsu‚ Bekeart‚ Hydrosep Pressure Vessels and Others

UV / Ozone

Range of UV Sizes from 1GPM to 1000GPM‚ Sterilight Brand‚ Atlantic UV and Philips.

Media & Resin

Different Types of Media‚ Softener Resin‚ DI Resin‚ Mixed Bed Resin‚ Carbon GAC Media‚ Coconut Carbon Media‚ Gravel Media‚ Anthracite Media‚ Sand Media

FRP Tanks

Wide Range of FRP Tanks from pentair and wave cyber

Commercial Pumps

Different Sizes of Grundfos ‚ Lowara ‚ Ebara & Other Pumps

Test Equipment

Range of Test Kits‚ and Reagents from Hanna‚ Merck and others

Control Valves

Fleck Control Valves for Softeners & Media Filters Fleck Controls is a designer and manufacturer of controls for automatic operations

.Turn Key Projects

Complete Detail Design‚ Engineering‚ Procurement and construction provided at single finger only for complete End to End solution with high quality deliverables.

Our Deliverables.

Detail Proposal with Costing.

Basic Design and Engineering Packages.

Complete Engineering with all related standard norms.

Complete procurement.



Operation and maintenance.

Tel: +92 (21) 5436228

Fax: +92 (21) 2621927

Cell: +92 (300) 2824299


Website: www.rotackwater.com



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