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Reliable UK Immigration Consultant in Karachi
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Contact Mr. Abid Ismail for UK Immigration

Tier 1 (General) is very similar to the previous HSMP. Applying for the first tier visa service is an applicant led process and works on a similar premise to the Highly Skilled Migrant Program as it removes the need to apply for a UK work permit visa and affords successful candidates the right to immigrate to the UK with full and free access to the employment market. Holders of tier visas at this level are permitted to live and work in the UK‚ seek and undertake employment‚ set up a business or become self employed as they see fit.

The HSMP Tier 1 Visa is a points-based immigration scheme. Points are scored in four main areas:

* Educational qualifications

* Past 12 months gross earnings within a 15 month period prior to application


* Your age

* Bonus points if Applicant’s age is from under 27 years to 31 years.

* Bonus points may be scored if your earnings or educational qualifications were acquired in the UK.

* Language and Maintenance Funds.

You need to score 80 points in attributes and 10‚ 10 points for English and Maintenance Funds respectively to qualify as a Tier 1 migrant and obtain the visa. It is particularly important that you identify which criteria you are able to claim before making an application‚ to avoid unnecessary delay and expensive failure.

Dependants (partner and children under 18) can be included in your application.

Please send your updated CV on [email protected] or [email protected] for Free of cost evaluation.

We have been serving successfully since 1998.

Abid Ismail

Consultant / CEO (12+ experience in Immigration Consultancy)

Al-Hamza Consulting

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