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Rotomatic Tool Kit
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Breakdown of the rotary tool bits in the rotomatic tool set

• 60 piece set in all

• 20 piece Diamond Burr Set

• 10 Piece Mounted Stone Set

• 6 Piece Sanding Drums Set

• 5 Piece Cut off wheel set

• 4 piece brass collets

• 4 piece drill bit set

• 4 piece buffing wheel set

• 3 piece wire wheel set

• 2 piece connection posts

• grinding stone

• metal engraving bit

• protective carrying case

• Rotomatic tool kit battery recharger

It costs only $19.95 to purchase the rotomatic tool set with all of its cut off wheels‚ diamond burrs‚ wood etching parts‚ sanding drums‚ and other roto tool accessories.

All of our rotary tools products come from a reputable wholesale distributor that will send you the goods in just days‚ not weeks!

to to purchase the Rotomatic through the official "As Seen From TV" products network website.

Our years of doing business over the internet with rotary grinder and power grinder products from TV has helped us bring some of the best quality service in the industry. Our diamond burr and cut off wheel prices are so low because we produce in bulk‚ manage effectively‚ and run sufficient economies of scale.

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