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Sewak Al-Badr - Best Dental Care Product
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Al-Badr Collection Offers Top Quality Miswak Stick Produced From Peelu Tree

Natural herbal chewing sticks‚ popularly known as Miswak or Sewak or Peelu Stick‚ are amongst the traditional dental hygiene aids common in India‚ Pakistan‚ the majority of the Arabian states‚ and many African regions. The miswak or Sewak is a tooth cleaning twig produced from a twig of the Salvadora persica tree (called arak in Arabic and peelu in Pakistan). Miswak stick features a long‚ documented history and is known for its remedial advantages. Additionally it features noticeably in Muslim hygienical jurisprudence. The World Health Organization (WHO) endorsed the usage of the miswak for its oral cleanliness features and scientific research therefore validating its anti-bacterial and plaque preventing qualities. Miswak is an eco-friendly‚ natural and cost effective way to marinate mouth hygiene.

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