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Spy GSM Power Bank Camera x009
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New X009 power bank is coming now‚ it add call-back function!!!

Notice: we keep improving this X009 for over 2 years‚ on market it has another version of X009‚ but it is not original from my factory‚ I just ensure that my item is original and perfect‚

Thank you very much if you have any sugestions on quality!!!

by the way‚

if you need X009‚ please check :


if you need X009 motherboard‚ please check:


X009 power bank (capacity: 6000MAH) GSM spy details:


(A) Overview

work on GSM850/900/1800/1900Mhz

(B) technical parameters


X009 power bank


85mm long 45mm wide 15mm high


Sensor type



2 million

Expansion card

max to 32GB



Software Version


(C) package included:

1* X009 module


1* usb cable

1* user manual


Please follow my steps:

1‚ insert SIM card and micro SD card‚

2‚ power on‚ Hold the switch / machine keys 3-5 seconds‚ the boot indicator is flashing continuously until lights out

3‚ make a call‚ then you can hear sound from item around‚

4‚ end call‚ and send message "222" to item‚ item will reply message "Start recording video"‚ so recording video is working now.

5‚ send message "444" to end recording.

6‚ send message "333"‚ item will reply message "Start recording sound"‚ so recording sound is working now‚

7‚ send message "444" to end recording.

8‚ send message "666"‚ you can check battery condition.

9‚ send message "111" to get MMS‚

MMS picture sample:

10‚ message "555" can not be used in some country‚ it only work in China.

11‚ message "777"‚ you will get message from item once sound is over 60DB‚

message "444" is to end this function‚

12‚ message "888"‚ item will call you once sound is over 60DB‚

message "444" is to end this function‚

13‚ message "000"‚ take a picture‚ and save in micro SD card.

14‚ message "999"‚ formant micro SD card.

15‚ power off‚ Hold the switch / machine keys 3-5 seconds.


Recently I got lots of questions from buyers‚ my reply below:

1‚ how does it record video or audio?

it start to record video when we send message 222‚ message 333 is for recording audio‚

2‚ how does it stop recording video or audio?

send message 444

3‚ how can we review video or audio?

video/audio was stored in micro SD card‚ so please read micro SD card by computer.

4‚ how can we take a picture?

send message 111‚ then your cell phone will get a picture by MMS‚

5‚ what’s the data for video and picture?

picture: 640*480

video: 480*320

6‚ how long does this X009 power bank work for video or audio when item is not connected to charger?

video: over 55 hours‚

Audio: over 160 hours‚

7‚ I need to power off when micro SD card is read by USB cable?

yes‚ please power off first‚

8‚ on call- back function‚ How can I revise sound strength?

please send 777#data#‚ or 888#data#‚ data is from 8 to 255‚ it means sound strength is 8DB to 255DB‚

default is 60DB‚

9‚ it can work without micro SD card?

yes‚ but Just calling function is available‚

MMS‚ video and Audio are NOT ok.

10‚ does it work on 3G network?

No‚ it only works in GSM network‚

11‚ can I receive message when battery is low?

yes‚ you can‚ but before you should ever checked it by message 666. otherwise‚ item has NO your phone number.

12‚ what network is available in my country?

Order Now :03458423444‚ 03331474833

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