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The Complete Power Solutions
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The Complete Power Solutions

Online ups| Stabilizer | Isolation Transformer | Line Conditioner | ATM UPS pure sine wave | Solar Hybrid pure sine wave inverter | MPPT Charger | Telecom AVR | Telecom Charger | Industrial UPS - Stabilizer

Online Ups (Commercial ‚Industrial Ups & Medical Grade Ups)

Single Phase & Three Phase Ups

Double Conversion & Delta Conversion Online Ups System 1kva to 800kva

Power Line Conditioners

(Single Phase & Three Phase Auto And Isolated) 2kva to 300kva

Ups Pure Sine Wave Inverter

1kva to 10kva Built-In Stabilizer & Hybrid

Solar System 1kw to 50kw

Solar Panel (European Brands)

Batteries VRLA – SLA – GEL 7AH to 600AH

Stabilizer/AVR (Single Phase & Three Phase) 2kva to 300kva

Isolation Transformer (Single Phase & Three Phase) 2kva to 40kva

Hybrid Solar System Pure Sine Wave Built-In Stabilizer & Solar Charger

Patrol Pumps Dispensers Solar Systems

Telecom BTS Hybrid Solar Solution 1kw to 15kw

Telecom Tower Inverter / UPS

Telecom Rectifiers 48V / 24V / 110V

System Capacities

24 Volts DC – 30 Amp to 100 Amp

48 Volts DC – 30 Amp to 100 Amp

UPS Range:

Online Low Frequency UPS (With transformer): External Battery

Online High Frequency UPS (Without transformer): built-in or external battery available

Single Phase: 1kva‚ 2kva‚ 3kva‚6kva‚10kva‚15kva‚20kva‚30kva

3/1 Phase: 10kva‚15kva‚30kva‚30kva‚40kva

3/3 Phase: 10kva‚ 15kva‚ 20kva‚ 30kva‚ 40kva‚ 60kva‚ 80kva‚ 100kva‚

120kva‚ 150kva‚ 160kva‚ 200kva‚ 250kva‚ 300kva‚ 350kva‚ 400kva‚ 600kva

Parallel Redundant UPS Systems

N+X Parallel Redundant Online UPS (6kVA-400kVA)

Single Phase ~ Three Phase System

UPS Pure Sine Wave Inverter| Industrial Stabilizer | Industrial ups | Hybrid Solar | Power Line Conditioner

|Isolation Transformer | Telecom Rectifier | UPS Online 1000VA ~ 800KVA

Online UPS | Industrial UPS | Medical UPS | Hospital UPS | Ups for Telecom sector | Industrial grade | Medical grade

| EL Boiler & Chillers plants | hospitals equipment | largest data & call centers | critical application

| Device protection cause of grids interruption | Industrial power solutions |ATM Isolated Power Systems |

Medical Isolated Power Systems | Telecom power solutions | Medical power solutions | Hospital power solutions |

Single phase & Three phase power system | Rectifiers power supplies | AC | DC power solutions | IPS | APS |

Power line conditioner | Medical & Industrial equipments model ups with isolation for critical environment |

Industrial Solar Solutions | Telecom BTS Solar Solution | Telecom Tower Inverter | Telecom Rectifier | Stabilizer | 1kva to 850kva


Ideal for Ups Bypass Supply. ATM Machine. IT Equipments Data Center & Call Center. CNC Machine. Plastic Molding Machine.

Spark Erosion and Wire-Cut Machine. For BTS | RBS Mobile Tower. Communication Equipment Like Radio & TV Transmitters‚.

Operation Theater‚ Large X-Ray Machine‚ Printing Embroidery Machine‚ Cathy Labs‚ CT scanner Ultrasound Machine & Other

Medical Equipments. Air-Condition Plants‚ Patrol Pumps‚ CNG Station Dispensers‚ computer servers etc.

Pakistan Karachi Lahore Islamabad Faisalabad Peshawar

Email: [email protected]

Call us: 0335-3472367

https:[email protected]/

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