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Why buy the ONYX?

There has never been a better time to start thinking of investment in

Islamabad. More and more amenities‚ shopping centers and residential

areas are appearing everyday. Property and rental prices are at their

most affordable levels in years.

Islamabad is known for it’s natural beauty‚ tidiness and civilised

traffic. The city is growing fast and a dire need for housing is

appearing. A higher demand means that the price of property will

inflate in future.

The ONYX is a unique building with features never before seen in other

buildings around the country. The building is not only modern on the

outside but also modern technology is applied for the safety and

convenience of the residence and retail occupantsalike.


Solar Power

LED Lighting




Maintenance Crew

The ONYX offers:

2 Bedroom apartments ranging from: 551 Sq. Ft (Rs. 3‚030‚000) to 649

Sq. Ft. (Rs. 3‚570‚000)

1 Bedroom Apartment Ranging from: 245 Sq. Ft. (Rs. 1‚500‚000) to 407

Sq. Ft. (Rs. 2‚450‚000)

Retail Units Ranging from: 60 Sq. Ft. (Rs. 1‚260‚000) to 202 Sq. Ft.

(Rs. 4‚646‚000)

Website: http://www.gmp-holdings.com

Email: info@gmp-holdings.com

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