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Tummy Fit in Pakistan
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Product Description

The Ayurveda formation‚ with 40 herbs fused with solar properties is completely herbal. This has the power to penetrate & reduce inches. It is free from heavy metals & bacteria.

Tummy Slim Fit Oil is the most effective product for inch loss on tummy. The key properties for the product are:

Removes cellulite the most stubborn fat cell produced by skin.

Effective inch loss‚ permanent in nature.

Aids in reducing the tummy‚ giving the body a great shape.

Therapeutic and detox properties‚ aiding in boosting healthy immune system.

Helps increase metabolism and burn cellulite permanently.

Perfect remedy for inches and weight loss for those who complain of diabetes‚ high cholesterol blood pressure‚ body pains and flatulence.

100% natural and safe.

Can be used by people of age ages.

We recommend the use of the oil & gel on a daily basis for best results. Slight exercise along with the use of tummy slim fit oil will speed up the inch reducing process.

A combination of 100% Natural Herbs in extract from to obtain Consistency and potency. Tummy fit promotes “thernogenic action” In body by increasing metabolic activity

Health Benefits:

Tones tummy‚ thight‚ waist‚ and hips.

Reduce conversion of protein and carbohydrates to fats.

Promotes breakdown of cholesterol and fat deposits.

Helps eliminate toxins in body.

Helps suppress appetite.

Promotes body metabolism to burn excess calories.

How to Use:

Massage 5 minutes in morning and 5 mints in Evening.

What is Tummy Slim Fit oil?

Tummy Slim Fit oil is a fusion of 2 natural sciences of heating namely Ayurveda and solarization‚ and thus brings out the best of both world i.e. penetration both through skin and benefits rays.

Tummy Slim Fit oil works on the concept of Oleation therapy which is derived from Ayurveda.

The carefully selected 40 cellulite dissolving herbs work through penetrating the stubborn fatty deposits below the skin & mobilized flow through the lymphatic system.

It also helps in controlled increase if the property of making the oil further potent‚ hence improving its effectiveness.

Tummy Slim Fit oil has the power to reach all the seven layers of skin i.e. demulcent property and nourishes all organs and tissues.

Contact No: 03412000500

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