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UPS battery charger
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48V charger for Lead Acid Batteries

Dry or Wet (Flooded) Batteries

The Flatpack 1800 48V is a battery charger and rectifier for stand-aloneuse‚ or for working in parallel as part of a power rack system controlledby the Flatpack MCU Monitoring & Control Unit. When connected inparallel‚ the rectifiers provide active current sharing‚ with or without theMonitoring & Control Unit. Switch mode technology with soft switching and high switching frequency is used to minimize volume and weight‚ and to obtain fast output voltage regulation. The module accepts large variations on the input voltage (85-300 VAC) and draws sinusoidal current with a soft start power-up. The Flatpack 1800 can operate in parallel with Flatpack 1500 rectifier module. The Flatpack 1800 48V will operate in ambient temperatures up to +65°C (+149°F). It delivers maximum output power up to an ambient temperature of +45°C (+113°F) and de-rates to approximately 85% output power at 55°C (+131°F). At higher temperatures‚ the rectifier will de-rate the output power and deliver the maximum possible power until it goes into and over-temperature shutdown at an ambient temperature of approximately+85°C (+185°F). The rectifier provides 1800 W output power (37.5 Amps at 48 VDC) at 230 VAC nominal input voltage.

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