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UPS for Home Wiring (Import Quality)
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The ARDL Anosha Research & Development Electronics Lab are successfully test Switched Mode UPS with the dual input system mains supply (220VAC) & Solar modules (Array)‚ the APC Anosha Power Company launch the first Pakistani Switched Mode UPS with the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Technology‚ Captured Japanese Techniques & Technology‚ the 12VDC system and run only one 12VDC battery‚

This UPS Provides:

1) Booster charging option for extra fast charging system suitable for more then 100AH batteries only‚

2) 12Volt battery charger best for all types of batteries‚ charging from 8.5VDC to 14.2Volts‚ Controlled & smooth continues charging.

3) Over charging protection

4) Over Current / Over Voltage Protection

5) Over Temperature Protection

6) Improve your battery efficiency & power; battery can work from 3 to 4-years.

7) Low voltage supported charging system from 80VAC to 280VAC.

8) Mains A.C frequency from 47Hz to 63Hz supported

9) Great accuracy when UPS working on backup the out put voltages 220VAC ±5% and frequency 50 Hz ±1%

10) Modified sine wave with great accuracy as original sine wave.

11) Solar Cell/Modules/PV option Available.

12) Mains 220VAC supply option available.

13) Both OR any Mains 220VAC supply & Solar Cell/Modules/PV OR any one can be used easily.

14) Fully Digital & Automatic system.

15) Reduced size and very light weight.

16) Low Standby Battery Drain: Low Battery Indicator & when battery very low then generating the beep sound. For saving your batteries‚ & your work.

17) Low Voltage cutoff system

18) Provide long backup time due to Transformer(Iron core) less technology & low power losses‚

19) Short circuit protection

20) High Voltage Protection

21) EMI (Electro magnetic Interference) & RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) filtrations available.

22) Designed/made for the best working in Pakistani environment of energy supply systems.

23) Made in Pakistan.

Your feed back very highly appreciate able at: Support@ARDL.com.pk‚

For sales/Order: Sales@ARDL.com.pk‚

For marketing feedback: Marketing@ARDL.com.pk‚

Welcome for Complaint: Complain@ARDL.com.pk‚

OR any feedback: mafzaljan@hotmail.com‚

Company Web address URL: www.ARDL.com.pk

24) Distributors & sales supports require please.

Afzal Karachi: 0333-3008970‚

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