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We are Avian parrot Breeders
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Breeders Parrot Pet Birds from heaven aviary

We are Avian parrot Breeders‚ we have some DNA sexed hand fed Baby Parrots for sale and some fresh laid fertile parrot Eggs.

We have experience in breeding pet parrot birds over 20 years and full understand the art of breeding pet parrot birds to

meet with the demand for love birds.In our Aviary we have quiet a lot of exotic birds we have breaded into love pet birds.

Below is a list of the parrot pet birds and other exotic birds that we breed and research on in other to avoid future

extinction of these birds in our Aviary Parrot Heaven with their fertile Eggs:

*Camelot Parrots

*Hyacinth Macaw

*Crimson fronted Parakeet

*Blue-and-yellow Macaw

*Scarlet Macaw

*Hyacinth macaw

*Blue and Gold Macaw

*Green Wing Macaw

*Scarlet macaw

*Military macaw

*Umbrella cockatoo

*Triton cockatoo

*Moulucan cockatoo‚

*Blue Fronted Amazon

*Double yellow head Amazon

*Lilac Amazon

*Yellow Nape Amazon

*Vosmaeri Electus

*Electus redsided

*African Congo Grey

*Toucan Parrot

We are interested helping starter‚company’s and private lovers of pet parrots to establish their own aviary.

contact us with their phone number and valid email for more information about the birds to they want to breed or purchase.

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