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coloured sofa cum bed
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The Inflatable Sofa Bed is the latest multifunctional piece of furniture that you must have around. It looks good and comfortably seats 3 people‚ instantly converting into a bed if you want. Simply unfold the base of the sofa into a bed‚ throw in a couple of pillows and a duvet and chill-ax to your hearts content!

5 in 1 Sofa cum Bed‚ also known as (aka) Air Lounge‚ the amazingly comfortable‚ amazingly convenient sofa‚ lounger‚ recliner and fold out bed‚ all in one. Plug in the jet propulsion Pump and in less than 3-minutes‚ the 5 in 1 Sofa cum Bed inflates into a full sized sofa that fits perfectly into any room in your home. Unfold it and instantly‚ it converts into a an incredibly comfortable air mattress. Or flip it over and you’ve got a chaise lounge recliner. The 5 in 1 Sofa cum Bed Surround Suspension Air Technology supports your body comfortably on air. Crafted out of heavy duty PVA‚ this unit can support an amazing 50 to 250 of weight‚ more than enough for most applications. Perfect for home‚ camping‚ and the garden‚ this inflatable sofa bed is suitable for every family.

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