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iMini Power Inverter 1KVA
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Modified Sine Wave

Generator Compatible

Solar System Compatible

Supports Medical Equipment

Intelligent 2-Stage Charging For Long Battery Life

Built in Stabilizer


Assembled in Taiwan

Our Key Features

1. Reverse Battery Polarity Protection safeguards the UPS from faulty battery connections. (UPS wonâ??t burn if connected at wrong battery terminal)

2. Off Mode Charging (Remains on charging if front power button is at off position)

3. Extra relay for smooth shifting in case of power failure

4. Two steps Intelligent charging control to reduce the charging time

5. Installed inductor for smooth Current flows‚ protects against surge in supply

6. Big charging transformer 55x42x60 mm‚ can continually work up to 50Ã?°C with two years

Salient Features

Micro-Controller based design oversees all major system parameters‚ resulting in enhanced performance and reliability.

Advanced Energy Flow Management for lowest electricity consumption.

Multi-function LCD and buzzer alarms

Fully automatic & silent operation

Advanced Battery Management: enhances battery life by up to 70%.

Intelligent continuous charging profile adjustment.

PWM based 3 step Smart Charging ensures lower electricity bill and increased battery life.

Battery Deep Discharge Protection System shuts down the UPS automatically when voltage drops below 9.8V.

Charges batteries two times faster‚ Negligible battery water loss

Reduced Component-Stress for more reliability & longer service life.

Harmonics Compensated Wave shape for higher appliance life.

The Auto Reset function handles overload by shutting down the system alarms.

Much less noise in equipments at UPS mode.

SCR short circuit protection‚ Multi stage short circuit protection‚ LONL mode.

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