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ioio android devolpment board
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The IOIO board contains a single MCU that acts as a USB host and interprets commands from an Android app In addition‚ the IOIO can interact with peripheral devices in the same way as most MCUs Digital Input/Output‚ PWM‚ Analog Input‚ I2C‚ SPI‚ and UART control can all be used with the IOIO Code to control these interfaces is written in the same way as you write an Android app with the help of a simple to use app-level library In other words‚ you can combine the awesome computing power‚ Internet/Bluetooth connectivity‚ touch screen‚ and a variety of Sensors & IMU from your Android device with the ability to easily add peripheral devices to interact with the outside world Also‚ using the IOIO does not require any hardware or software modifications to your Android device‚ thus preserving the warranty as well as making the functionality available to non-hackers

The IOIO acts as a USB host and connects to most Android devices that have USB slave capability So far‚ the devices proven to work with this board are: G1‚ Nexus One‚ Nexus S‚ Motorola Droid X among many others now If you get the IOIO working on your Android device‚ please let us know in the comments below‚ thanks "

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