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This set of new 3"x6" solar cells are string ribbon multi crystalline cells made by an all American solar company that has the smallest carbon foot print - they waste the least silicon in making these cells. These are the the classic and traditional solid blue front side string ribbon cells that are exclusively made in Germany’s string ribbon cell factory. In terms of output they are similar to those Devens cells (multicrystalline look‚ marked by .5v3.6a)‚ but in any volume production you are going to have cells with varying levels of power output. The cells are the original factory standard cell size‚ not other sizes cut by using home made tools which could damage the cells during cutting process. The cells have never been used or soldered‚ and are not recycled from badly made panels like some factory installed tabbed cells are. There are no tabs on these cells so you can start from scratch and get experience in making solar panels. The following is a little more details regarding this kit: (solar cells‚ tabbing wires‚ bus wires‚ and flux)

I: Cells: 108 pcs

The standard cell specifications are the following‚ though the individual cells can be above or below these standards.

Cell Specifications:

Average Power (Watts): 1.75 Wp

Average Current (Amps): 3.5 Imax

Average Voltage (Volts): 0.5 Vmax

Thickness 200 ìm = 0.2 mm

Exact dimension: 3 1/4 inches x 6 inches‚ or 80 mm by 150 mm

Weight: Just above 6 grams‚ or 0.2 oz.

II: Tabbing wires: 40 feet of tabbing wires to connect the solar cells. Cut them into 6 inch sections to solder onto the bus bars on the cells.

III: Bus wires: 4 feet of bus wires. Use them to connect them between the series and connect the tabbing wires ends to the junction box at the back of the panel.

IV: Diode: diode rated at 15 amp. Schottky style diode.

A panel of 36 cells will generate

18 volts dc

3.5 amps


A panel of this configuaration are available in market at a cost of 30000.

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