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u blox neo 6m latest version of the gps
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City:  Peshawar
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"GPS APM2 5 NEO-6M module‚ with the EEPROM save the data‚ the built-in active antenna

GPS module 3V-5V-powered Universal

Ublox NEO-6M module comes with a ceramic destined antenna‚ strong signal

With data backup battery

With power-down data stored in the EEPROM

Antenna size 22x22mm

Type: CJMCU-6M

U-BLOX Ublox NEO-6M latest version of the GPS module serial output

The ultra-compact integrated antennas compatible with a variety of flight control

PC software GPS module

Connected to VCC‚ GND‚ TX‚ RX‚ four feet can work properly‚ the voltage is wide-volt 3-5V‚ the ideal voltage is 3 3V‚ U-BLOX performance GPS chip level is the highest‚ whether you with the equipment‚ it will definitely give you satisfaction and value for money "

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